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Our Amazing Team


Our director Jane, team leader Bethany, and assistant managers Bree and Leon make up our management team.  Jane has been here from the start, dreaming up the organization in the mid 90’s.   Bethany was referred to us by another employee.  She was hired on in 2008 and since “control freak” may not be the nicest title, lets just say she took over certain responsibilities as she saw the need. Bree and Leon were promoted into their roles as our organization grew and they're just swell.  Our management team also participates in direct client care on a day to day basis, making them easy for the rest of the staff to relate to when issues arise in a work day.


Michelle (2015), Amber (2011) are our behind the scenes workers.  Michelle started with us as a direct care worker  and stepped into the leadership in early 2015.  After becoming a mom in 2021 she stepped back a bit more and is now our scheduling manager.   Amber was hired on as an accounting/office assistant and has taken more of a billing and HR role since 2017.

Direct Care

We have people who started in more than 10 years ago and some that are less than a year into their roles with us.  Our direct care team is a big, diverse group of people with one thing in common—they care a lot.   Already (2023), Bethany (2008),  Bree (2015),  Chad (2022), David (2011), Leon (202) Lisa (2013),  Michelle (2012),  Richard (2004), and Tabby (2021)make up the team that spends time working in the home and in the community with our consumers.  Care ranges from helping in-home with things like cooking, cleaning and hygiene needs to community-based needs like assistance with shopping, safety, and communication with others.  Our staff take it all on, adapting in ways other fields don’t require.  They’re great, and that’s that.

Our Consumers

For us, it important to remember that our real bosses are our consumers.  We strive to provide person centered, self-directed services—meaning the person receiving care is ultimately in charge of when, where, and what their staff do with them.  While contracts need to be followed and some scheduling is necessary (to keep 35+ recipients and 20+ staff from turning into a mess), each person can tell us their availability and has the ability to cancel the scheduled staff at any time.   This is not an issue we run into often, however.  Michelle approaches the schedule with  an understanding of each individual and is able to make an efficient and productive schedule for everyone involved.

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